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Facility Services Management

A growing number of Ellis clients have chosen to streamline their combination of outsourced services by combining all services under the one banner.

In fact over half of all Ellis clients have multi-site locations and have opted to integrate their services under Ellis Facility Services.

Demonstrating to our clients through existing “Client Facility Services Models” we have been able to prove that not only does it enable them to cut down on administration time but it has also proven to be of a substantial net economic benefit by implementing this service.

Combining your outsourced services enables you to concentrate on your core business and not on administering your multiple service providers.

Cost Reduction Opportunities

Importantly for our clients we have been able to streamline many outsourced services into one service provider, ourselves, Ellis Facility Services. Providing an efficient and lean service can deliver our clients associated cost savings of which it would seem every company is striving for within the current economic climate.

Specialised Machinery & Equipment

Utilising machinery and equipment on site to increase efficiencies for EFS staff can make substantial differences in associated time efficiencies. The initial investment can be offset against sustained reduced costings for our clients eg IMop (mop, scrub and dry all in one go), Wide Area Up Right Vacuum Cleaners ( capacity 1500 square metres per hour). Both vacuuming and mopping of office carpet and tiled floor areas is a time-consuming task but both can be substantially reduced by implementing the best equipment most suited for the task.

Consumables / Chemicals / Hygiene Services

EFS purchases all Consumables and Good Environmental Choice Approved chemicals through one supplier only. Reducing our costs through bulk buying at wholesale prices enables EFS to pass on the associated savings to our clients.

Multi-Site Efficiencies

Integrating your Multi Sites within the service structure of EFS will enable associated reduction of costs through economies of scale. More sites equals increased efficiencies which is then passed onto our clients through further reductions in costings. EFS has been able to significantly reduce costings for all Multi Site clients.

Complete Facilities Forward Maintenance Planner

Utilising cloud based systems technology (FreshOps) we are able to track specific maintenance tasks from commencement to completion, knowing when your windows are scheduled for cleaning or simply which areas are scheduled for carpet cleaning on specific dates enables clients to budget accordingly through only one supplier. Our staff are notified through the getfreshops.com Portal for when and where tasks are due for commencement and are given a set date for completion. Once our staff member has marked the task as completed then it is automatically taken off the Forward Maintenance Planner and checked by a Ellis Area Manager. Clients are then notified of completion of task or tasks.

Ellis Multi-Site Services Advantages
  • One service provider for all sites administering and monitoring all duties
  • Client tailored solutions based on your budget and individual requirements
  • Integration of highly adaptable and experienced staff to ensure that your goals are achieved
  • Implementation of Work Schedules for minimal disruption to client business activities
  • Identify areas for cost reduction and associated savings
  • Provides efficient systems for periodical cleaning and maintenance
  • Fast and Efficient results monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis
  • Dedicated Area Manager for each client
EFS On Site Facility Services
  • Hygiene Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Landscape Gardening / Grounds Maintenance
  • Strip and Seal of vinyl floors
  • Warehouse floor machine scrubbing
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning / External Paving / Tiled Areas
  • Window Cleaning / External / Internal
  • Tea Towel Laundering conducted by EFS
  • Entry Mat Cleaning Service

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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