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Commercial Cleaning Osborne Park

Commercial Cleaning Osborne Park & Surrounding Areas

Our professional commercial cleaners cover the entire Osborne Park commercial and industrial region including surrounding suburbs such as Stirling, Balcatta, Wangara and Malaga.

If you are a business owner, a CEO, or the principal person leading an organisation, you will have many and varied areas of responsibility. One of those, which may not always reach the top of your agenda, is ensuring the premises that you operate in are clean and safe for your staff and anyone who might enter that facility.

One way in which you can ensure your cleaning obligations are met, but without you having to oversee them every day, is to pass them to Elise Facility Services and let our dedicated and experienced team take care of all your commercial cleaning and facility management for you.

We offer our comprehensive range of services to businesses and organisations in Osborne Park including those in the suburbs of Balcatta and Stirling, and if you are wondering if that would include yours, here is an outline of what we can do.

Medical & Healthcare Commercial Cleaning

If you run any kind of healthcare or medical facility you will be all too aware of how essential it is that every area of those premises is kept clean, not just for the benefit of the healthcare staff who work there, but even more so for the patients who use it. There is an obligation not just to ensure your facility is clean but that it is hygienically safe too, and that is where the expertise that Ellis Facility Services has will be invaluable.

Apart from cleaning offices, reception areas, and storage rooms, we also have the skills and knowledge to know how to clean and sanitise consulting rooms, treatment rooms, and other areas where hygiene is at a premium.

Industrial Commercial Cleaning

Industrial and manufacturing facilities come in all shapes and sizes but that is not a problem for Ellis Facility Services. Whether you are based in a small industrial unit, a large factory, or a warehouse, we have the resources and the experience to ensure that it is cleaned safely and efficiently.

We appreciate that time is critical for many industrial facilities so when we create a cleaning plan for yours, it will take account of and accommodate your need for efficiency and minimal disruption to your operations.

Maritime Facility Cleaning

Whilst there are some maritime facilities that might be regarded as straightforward in terms of cleaning such as a jetty or small boathouse, the fact is that within the spectrum of what might be considered maritime facilities, there are many varied and complex scenarios. These include the vast numbers of boats and vessels that exist, which each have a different layout and design.

Thanks to the many years’ experience that Ellis Facility Services has in maritime cleaning, we are able to undertake cleaning of everything from a small fishing boat to a large seafaring vessel. Given the need to ensure that all cleaning within maritime facilities are completed with safety in mind, all our staff are trained to ensure they operate with that in mind, including with regards to the use of specialist cleaning equipment.

Government & Education Commercial Cleaning

One aspect of how government and education facilities are managed is that they must operate within finite budgets, and that includes their cleaning budget. Ellis Facilities Services has a flexible approach to what services we offer which means that whether a government or education facility requires just one of our services, or several, we can create a cost-effective solution for them.

Office Cleaning

If your business or organisation uses an office as part of its operations, then it means that you and your staff could be spending up to 8 hours per day there. This puts an onus on you to ensure it is a safe and healthy environment for everyone, and there is no better way to achieve that than with effective office cleaning.

Office cleaning is one of Ellis Facility Services’ core services and as part of that service, we will create a custom cleaning plan for you that takes account of what is required in your particular office, rather than some generic cleaning list. This way we can target areas that are used most, and thus ensure it is kept as clean and as healthy as possible to the benefit of all who work there.

Ellis Facilities Services Facility Management

For those that want the most efficient cleaning service, Ellis Facility Services offer facility management to businesses and organisations in Osborne Park, including those based in the suburbs of Stirling, Balcatta, Wangara and Malaga. This allows us to have all the services we provide for you under one umbrella which creates several advantages.

Those advantages include cost efficiencies, single or multi-site integration of services, us meeting all environmental requirements, and the cleaning of your facility or facilities being done by highly skilled and trained staff, using the latest and most effective equipment.

This also has the benefit of being managed effectively using our facilities maintenance planner which schedules each individual area for cleaning and follows its progress from start to finish and confirms its completion to you.

To find out more about how Ellis Facilities Services can help you keep your business or organisation’s facilities clean, safe, and healthy, please get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you.

We proudly offer our commercial cleaning services to businesses and organisations within Osborne Park including areas such as Stirling, Balcatta, Wangara and Malaga., so if you would like to discuss your needs then please get in touch.

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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