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Commercial Cleaning Kewdale

Commercial Cleaning Kewdale & Surrounding Areas

Our professional commercial cleaners cover the entire Kewdale commercial and industrial region including surrounding suburbs such as Carlisle, Belmont, Kenwick, Maddington, Forrestdale, Forrestfield and Canning Vale.

Let us be honest, whilst you are focussing on your business or organisation’s core functions the last thing on your mind is likely to be the cleaning of the facility or premises it is based in. Although that is understandable, it does not take away your responsibility to ensure that your premises are clean, safe, and healthy for your staff and others who may visit or use that facility.

There are many solutions you could consider, but the one which offers you the most benefits is to hire Ellis Facility Services to take care of it for you, with regards to planning and implementing the cleaning of your premises. Our cleaning teams in Kewdale also cover any of the surrounding suburbs such as Carlisle, Canning Vale and Belmont, so regardless of whether you are based in one location, or several, we can undertake them all.

Not only can we undertake cleaning in multiple locations, but at Ellis Facility Services we are experts in cleaning many different types of facilities, including some that most other commercial cleaning companies will avoid.

Maritime Facility Commercial Cleaning

With Kewdale’s location close to the Swan River and it not exactly being a million miles away from the coastline it is possible that your business or even your pastime is maritime related. If so, we are one of the few cleaning companies in the area that will undertake the cleaning of maritime facilities.

Our teams are highly experienced in this sort of cleaning and are fully trained with regards to safety protocols and the cleaning processes for maritime facilities which often differ greatly from standard commercial cleaning.

Government & Education Facility Commercial Cleaning

Given that we would want any student, be they at school or university, to be educated in an environment that is clean and free from harmful bacteria, for example, the effective cleaning of educational facilities should be a priority for those who are in charge of them. We pride ourselves on the standards which we set for ourselves when it comes to cleaning education facilities given that there is often a budgetary constraint in place

We can offer educational establishments and other government facilities the highest standards of service at a cost-effective level that allows them to maintain their duty of care.

Medical & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

Given the absolute need for healthcare facilities to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitisation for the protection of staff and the health of patients, the cleaning of these facilities requires a level of expertise that Ellis Facility Services can provide.

Our experience and knowledge of cleaning healthcare facilities enable us to perform risk assessments on them to ensure that when we are cleaning nothing is left to chance with regards to it being a safe and sanitised environment and thus a safer one for patients.

Industrial Premises Commercial Cleaning

This is another sector where you find some cleaning companies will only take on facilities of a certain type or size. That is not the case with Ellis Facility Services. Such is the diversity in our knowledge and experience of cleaning industrial facilities we can offer our services to businesses whose premises range from a small storage unit all the way up to large factory complexes.

Our commercial cleaning projects include chemical plants and large construction sites at one end of the scale and small warehouses at the other, but in all instances, we will ensure that our cleaning work does not interfere unnecessarily with the work of the client’s business and that they can operate in the sound knowledge that their industrial facility meets all cleanliness requirements.

Office Cleaning

No matter the reason for any office to exist, it needs to be cleaned regularly, not just with regards to how it appears, but to keep it as healthy an environment as possible for staff. If staff are working in a healthy environment they are happier, and also less likely to require time off for ill health.

Ellis Facility Services have the resources to clean everything from a single office to an entire office block, so no matter whether you are on the ground floor only, or take up all 15 floors of office space, we can create and implement an effective cleaning schedule for you.

Facility Services Management

Many of our clients in  Kewdale, Carlisle, Belmont, Kenwick, Maddington, Forrestdale, Forrestfield and Canning Vale have commercial cleaning requirements that go beyond just a single location. In fact, many have multiple locations and prior to asking Ellis Facility Services to help them, they found themselves struggling to manage the cleaning of all locations, and that included the cost of doing so.

With our facility services management in place, the first thing you have is cost reductions as we can consolidate our knowledge and our resources across all locations making your cleaning more effective and more affordable. In addition, there are other efficiencies that come from our using equipment which is best suited to each individual job.

Much of this will be managed using our cloud-based planning and management system which ensures each specific area is cleaned when due, allows you to budget accordingly for our cleaning services, and also notifies you when each task is completed.

If you believe your business or organisation could benefit from this or any other of the cleaning services which we offer, then contact Ellis Facility Services, and we will gladly answer any questions you might have.

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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