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Commercial Cleaning Fremantle

Commercial Cleaning in Fremantle & Surrounding Areas

Our commercial cleaners service Fremantle and all surrounding areas including O’Connor and Myaree

If there is one thing that unites all types of businesses and organisations it is the need for them to keep their premises clean. That applies as much in Fremantle as it does in any other city, and so the question for anyone responsible for keeping those premises clean is how they are going to achieve it.

Well, what they could do is get in touch with us here at Ellis Facility Services and allow our experienced team of commercial cleaning specialists to carry out the task of keeping those premises clean with the professionalism and expertise that we apply to all the work we do. We can clean locations throughout Fremantle, including O’Connor and Myaree, and we can operate on one site, or multiple sites if you have them.

The diversity of the commercial cleaning services we offer mean that no matter what type of business or organisation you have, we can help you. Here are just some of those services.

Office Cleaning

Whilst offices might not accumulate the same amount of dirt and grime as a factory would, they still require regular cleaning, not only to provide a dirt-free environment for your office staff to work in but to also keep it a safe and healthy one.

Bacteria and other germs do not care what sort of premises they spread in, and so an office is as likely a target as any for them as any if it is not cleaned properly and regularly. By allowing Ellis Facility Services to create a customised commercial office cleaning plan for your office, you will be providing your staff with a healthy and pleasant workplace that keeps them happy, productive, and reduces the number of sick days they are likely to take.

Industrial Cleaning

Whether your business operates within a small factory, a large industrial complex, or a warehouse, Ellis Facility Services has the resources, experience, and specialised staff to clean them.

Given the diversity that exists within the industrial sector, we would seek to produce a facility care package that includes the day-to-day management of all matters relating to cleanliness, safety, and the well-being of all who work and visit there. This allows company owners and managers to focus on the important matters relating to their business, whilst we take care of the commercial cleaning of its premises.

Maritime Facility Cleaning

Many cleaning companies might only focus on offices or factories but at Ellis Facility Service our knowledge and experience extend to other sectors, and that includes maritime facility cleaning. This includes not just fixed facilities like boathouses and jetties but the boats and vessels too.

With the vast array of boat layouts and designs, we have a broad knowledge of how to ensure each of them is cleaned safely, not just to ensure our staff are safe at all times, but more importantly that anyone using the vessels will be safe too. This means we can clean everything from galleys and cabins to engine rooms and cargo holds.

Healthcare And Medical Facility Cleaning

There can be no type of facility where cleanliness is more essential than a medical one, given that the health, and even the life of patients, could be at risk if a healthcare facility is not cleaned properly. Ellis Facility Services are experts with regards to the cost-efficient and effective commercial cleaning of medical and healthcare facilities, and we do so in a way that does not impinge on the clinical care which is taking place within them.

We can undertake a risk assessment to advise on what areas of concern there might be with regards to staff and patient safety and well-being. Thereafter we would implement a structured and effective cleaning plan to eradicate risks and keep that healthcare facility as clean and as safe as possible for all.

Education And Government Facilities Cleaning

Whether it is children at school, students at university, or civil servants planning next year’s budget, they should all expect that the surroundings they are in to be clean and safe. Our extensive range of cleaning services can be applied to all of these facilities as necessary and we have the flexibility to help you ensure that it is the most cost-effective way of maintaining cleanliness and healthy standards in each one.

Why Ellis Facilities Services?

Given the extensive range of commercial cleaning services that we offer it is fair to say that we are more than just a cleaning company. Whilst cleaning is certainly something which we excel in, we offer much more to the extent we can provide your business or organisation a complete facilities management service.

This would provide you opportunities to reduce your costs, allow you to benefit from our specialised equipment and machinery, be reassured that we only use consumables and chemicals which are environmentally friendly, and also take advantage of the fact that everyone in our team is fully aware of the expectation that they work to provide offer the highest levels of service and safety at all times.

We proudly offer our commercial cleaning services to businesses and organisations within Fremantle, including areas such as O’Connor and Myaree, so if you would like to discuss your needs then please get in touch.

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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