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healthcare facility cleaning

Medical Facility Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, there can no service for which the need for professional and effective cleaning methods are more essential, and that is the cleaning of medical facilities.

You do not need a medical degree to know that hygiene is at a premium in all medical facilities, and with the Coronavirus pandemic all too fresh in our minds, the need for that has become even greater.

The commercial cleaning of medical facilities is not for amateurs. With respect to many cleaning companies, they might be fine when it comes to cleaning offices and small industrial facilities, but the knowledge and experience required to clean medical facilities properly and safely are not to be found in every cleaning company.

That is why we pride ourselves at Ellis Facilities Services with regards to how we train our staff and our researching the latest developments in cleaning technologies as they apply to medical faculties.

Unlike Any Other Cleaning Operation

We approach the cleaning of every healthcare facility knowing that the standards to which we complete the work, could literally make a difference to the health and wellbeing of the staff who work there and more importantly, those individuals who are patients at that facility.

For instance, no two medical facilities are going to be the same, therefore when we plan a cleaning contract with the management of that facility we ensure that we are fully aware of the specific threats to health that might need to be eradicated as part of the work we do.

Also, the size and layout of every healthcare premises will be unique in every case, that is why we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to this work. instead, we discuss in detail what the requirements are, and then, through careful planning, we ensure the work can be done as efficiently and as safely as possible.

We also appreciate that unlike offices and industrial facilities, many medical facilities are not 9 to 5, Monday to Friday operations. instead, they might be open 24/7 and 7 days a week to care for their patients.

In those, and any other circumstances where we need to, we will seek to clean the facility in a way that causes the minimum of disruption to medical staff and patients.

Safety and Hygiene Are Our top priorities

It is probably a misnomer to call the work we do in medical facilities, as simply ‘cleaning’. Yes, we take care of areas such as offices, reception areas, staff rooms, and others, and we make no less an effort in ensuring they are cleaned to our very highest standards than we would any other facility.

However, when it comes to clinical areas and others, such as consulting rooms, and those where medical procedures take place, that is where we set the bar even higher if that is possible. We are fully aware of the need for hygiene and fully comply with all the regulatory and safety requirements that are prevalent for cleaning those medical facilities.

This extends to the wearing of appropriate protective clothing, the correct and proper use of cleaning materials, and the disposal of medical waste, to cite but three examples.

Further, for those facilities where hygiene and the prevention of infection are critical, every step is taken to guarantee our staff is fully aware of their responsibilities in terms of making that area safe for all patients and staff.

The Next Step

If you would like to consider Ellis Facility Services then the first step is to call us, and we will arrange a convenient time to visit the medical facilities you wish us to clean.

Following that inspection, we will create a detailed quotation for you. If we proceed, we will then appoint a dedicated medical facility cleaning manager who will ensure that all the work is planned correctly, and once implemented, that it is proceeding as agreed.

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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