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Maritime Facility Cleaning

Whereas many people think of offices, medical facilities, or industrial facilities when commercial cleaning is mentioned, very rarely does maritime cleaning enter their thoughts.

However, here at Ellis Facility Services, we are well aware that there are countless maritime facilities that not only need to be cleaned, but they must be cleaned, to ensure they remain safe for all who use them.

Due to many of the unique aspects of maritime facilities, countless commercial cleaners shy away from doing that kind of work, and indeed the majority of commercial cleaning companies do not even include it in their list of services. Well, Ellis Facility Services is a company that does offer maritime cleaning, and we do so as a tailored service to every client.

Why We Are Maritime Cleaning Experts

If you do not know already, maritime cleaning is a lot different from any other type of commercial cleaning. Many of the facilities that need to be cleaned are like no other, and there is a much higher level of safety awareness and training necessary.

One prime example would be the cleaning of a vessel which is going to require the team cleaning it to have a sound knowledge of how to do so that not only are they safe while working, but anyone who comes on board is also safe, either during, or after, the cleaning has been completed.

That is just one example, and bear in mind, there are countless ships, boats, and other maritime vessels, all with different designs, layouts, and safety considerations.

Whereas almost every office being cleaned might be four walls a floor and ceiling, and therefore require little or no safety assessment, maritime facilities, equipment, and vessels all require it.

That is why our experience and expertise of maritime cleaning allows us to not ensure the at every cleaning contract we undertake is completed safely and successfully, but that our staff are all fully trained, and are operating with the correct equipment at all times too.

Bespoke Services To Suit Each Maritime Facility

No two maritime cleaning contracts are the same, and we appreciate that each client might have different needs, and most certainly different areas and equipment that they wish to have cleaned. Here are just some of the services which we can offer clients:

  • Jetty Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Engine Room Cleaning
  • Galley Cleaning
  • Repainting of Maritime Equipment
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Passenger Areas Cleaning
  • Cargo Hold Cleaning

This is just a portion of the services we can offer clients who require maritime cleaning and should what you need not be on the list, simply call us and we can discuss our full range of maritime cleaning services.

What To Do If You Want Us to Clean Your Maritime Facility

If you would like to consider us for maritime cleaning work then the first step is to contact us, and we will arrange a time to visit your maritime facility or facilities. Once there, we can discuss your requirements with you, and then explore those facilities so that we fully understand the specifics of each one.

Our next step is to create a fully costed quotation for you, and then, should you wish us to proceed, we can agree on a timetable for the work to be completed.

We will always seek to work around the needs of your business and thus create the minimum of inconvenience for you, your staff, your customers, and your passengers, should we be cleaning a passenger-carrying vessel of any kind.

Every project we undertake will have an experienced and dedicated maritime cleaning manager who will oversee all the work being done to ensure that it is planned effectively, being done safely, and most importantly of all, is completed to the exacting standards that we set for ourselves.

Ellis Facility Services is a proud net zero carbon emission entity. Ellis offsets 100% of our emissions through a combination of company initiatives, such as efficient lighting in our office, and purchasing Greenfleet carbon credits.

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